• A smarter way to fish!





    For the first time in the fishery market, a volumetric 3D Sonar provides realistic fish evaluation and full ecosystem description.

    Skippers can now select fish species and improve both profitability and sustainability.



    •  Volumetric biomass assessment thanks to 120° x 120° water volume coverage,
    •  Fish species discrimination with exclusive GBA processing,
    •  Shoal behavior control,
    •  Bathymetry mapping and Seabed analysis,
    •  Real-time description of whole ecosystem and fishing action, merged into navigation and charting system.


    This new 3-Dimensional Sonar delivers real-time knowledge of the habitat and the fisheries resource with unequalled accuracy and coverage.

    SeapiX is a complete, standalone decision aid system combining its acoustic sensor for analysis of the marine environment with its own data processing system. SeapiX assesses 20 times more fish and seabed area than classic multibeams !


  • Seapix enhances your profitability

    SeapiX answers some of the toughest demands placed on skippers, offering total visibility over the underwater environment so that informed, strategic fishing decisions can be made in real time.



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  • Features

    SeapiX is a genuine “third way”, offering both the key advantages advanced Sounders and those of sonar, and unique “Volumetric” understanding of the underwater environment.

    It provides completely new functionalities to fishermen in order to practice profitable and selective methods, thanks to a unique combination of functionalities.


    Fish Finding & mapping

    All direction Fish Echogram

    Tracking and Catching

    Fish Classification

    Seabed mapping

    Seabed discrimination

    Fish monitoring in 3d navigation

    • Dual Mills Cross multi-beam & steerable sonar transducer 
    •  Total three-dimensional coverage of the water column & seabed with 3D motion compensation
    •  High resolution calibrated single detections classification

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