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Successfully pelagic fish discrimination from Greenland… to Italy !

ELICA SeapiX distributor has started its new SeapiX system installation onboard “Raffaele Padre 2” 28m trawler in Napoli. Vittorio DI LANUTO is one of focused on reducing by catch to avoid damage s in the Ecosystem. He did decide to fit SeapiX onboard for both shallow Pelagic and deep Demersal fisheries. First trial in fishing condition took place 20 Nm from Pozzuoli harbor in Mediterranean sea. First fishing trip is a success for Vittorio, as he did apply yet genuine “Selective Fishing strategies” by selecting species and driving his gear. To ease understanding of tyrawl behavior, Vittorio has also connected latest Marport Trawl positioning system.

« Raffaele Padre 2 » crew has experimented its new SeapiX 3D Sonar on Herring, Horse Mackerel and anchovies species with great success. Those species were very mixed or close. After two tows, SeapiX GBA adjustment gave very good indications to discriminate clearly Herring and Anchovies. Profitable catches were Herring closed to surface on very shallow areas (19m only !) and stuck over seabed Anchovies (110m).

Vittorio appreciated real time discrimination of species and gear driving capability related to fish mapping provided in 3D on SeapiX console. New Marport trawl positioning system gave very good satisfaction and was connected to SeapiX console to provide real-time accurate gear visualization.

Vittorio is now learning and tuning additional species in his SeapiX GBA analyzer…profitable catches are coming

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