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SeapiX confirms its unique performances

as « Forward Looking Sonar » for Bottom Trawlers…


Following large success for pelagic fleet, SeapiX demonstrates once again it unique performances for bottom trawling operations.

Near bottom fish detection is the most difficult functionnality to provides to skippers, due to bottom backscattering level that reduce sensitivity of fishery acoustic devices.

The owner has choossen SeapiX for its new bottom trawler "F/V AUDACIOUS" for that purpose, focussing bottom operation all the year.

Thanks to its high volumic resolution SeapiX confirms that it is capable to detect about all individuals located inside 5 ftm bottom layer.

"All the time I face mixture of 3 species. I use to locate favorable fishing spot with good pureness of species.

After calibration, I have clear discrimination of species with up to 80% true real time classification, that ease targeting of shoals" says David.

Bottom trawler have to take risks while trawling on the bottom. Thanks to its Across track and Along Track multibeam swaths, SeapiX provides realtime seabed mapping and sediment dicrimination.

"Most of the time I try to survey and to trawl in unknonw areas. I always keep eyes in tha 3D screen providing me with all crucial information all around my gear, with Bathy, sediment, and fish shoal to catch. SeapiX is the only machine capable to detect pipeline and to avoid danger and damages on the net", skipper says.

A good example of money saving and improvement in selectivity !

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