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Lunar Fishing makes the difference with SeapiX !

Brand new “King Cross” and “Pathway” new building vessels are now in operation for pelagic fishing in North Sea. Skippers did start fishing with brand new bridge equipment, and applies very innovative and selective catching methods. Once again, SeapiX did demonstrated its efficiency to assist skipper to enhance its profitability and selectivity.

Those very modern vessels are fitted with latest technologies from several reputated suppliers as Simrad, Kaijo, Marport, Scanmar and ixblue, with smart bridge integration designed by Woodson. Video distribution allows multiple display layouts, according to fishing stages and skipper expectations.

June fishing trips on pelagic grounds were the opportunity to evaluate bridge equipment to provide relevant information to skipper, allowing very targeting method on Herring and Mackerel.

“Pathway” trip 18-23 of June has demonstrated how SeapiX provide skipper with realistic fish abundance and identification for catch decision making. Fish mapping of targeted shoal provides skipper with maneuvering capability to catch selected fish.

Skipper Georgie, did very precise selection/analyze in SeapiX of every shoal he saw in his omni sonar, and did manage to place it (or to avoid it) in his trawl entrance thanks to classification and 3D mapping of shoal.

Results of this precautionary process looks very positive. While other large pelagic vessel on task get no catch or low catches, “Pathway” caught 210T of clear herring, with good homogeneous size. SeapiX displays are now located close by skipper as his main fishing tool.

Georgie says "SeapiX is a fantastic tool for fishing, we caught 210T clear Herring in shorter time than others".

Sister ship “King Cross”, took advantage of Pathway experience and settings with SeapiX, and did a very good catch relatively other vessels in same area during his fishing trip on 25-30 of June. Mackerel was mixted up with Herring, and SeapiX realtime classification did allow skipper to target clearer Herring shoal.

Skipper William caught about 300T of Herring in shorter time than others, with low mixture of Mackerel.

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