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All fishing purpose machine!

Since January 2017 iXblue proposes its new generation of SeapiX. Two configurations are available, 2kW acoustic power for SeapiX-F and a 4kW model for SeapiX-R. According to skipper’s feedbacks, this new generation of acoustics offers the unique combination of long range and high resolution on fish detection. It allows discrimination of species from surface to seabed. These features are revolutionizing fishing. For skippers this is world first machine able to count and classify individuals to provide skipper with realistic biomass abundance and classification. Acoustic level of new SeapiX Range makes huge increase in range. The following picture shows an exceptional bottom echogram range (845m) for a 150kHz acoustic system: it is probably the world record for a high frequency fishery system!agraphe

Resolution and range are technical keys to provide realistic assessment and relevant selectivity information in real time. Skippers facing discard ban rules can take advantage of accurate measures of SeapiX to figure out realistic fish assessment. For the first time it possible to reduce discard while keeping profitability. Already 25 vessels bought upgrade for 2kW and 4kW configuration. Customers operating 1kW SeapiX configuration can ask for an SAU Upgrade at special price until end of 2017 (contact us).graphe ici.

Target More, profit More!

SeapiX is now influencing fishing by developing new maneuvering. Several skippers are experimenting with success benefits of selectivity indication of SeapiX to change radically their behavior at sea. Whatever fishing method, near surface pelagic or 350m deep bottom trawling, crews can now make a presurvey of their fishing ground and decide shooting on targeted species. Example of Lunar Fishing in UK, operating their brand new “King Cross” and “Pathway” are making difference compared to other surrounding pelagic vessels… Skipper develops very adaptive navigation path according classification and mapping of wanted fish.

Deep bottom trawling example of US Trident Seafoods Company in Alaska, shows how it is now possible to optimize time towing and efficiency of trawl by targeting species and weighting of fish. Trawling from 80 to 180 ftm, “Northern Patriot” evaluates near bottom Pollock to target 900 g biggest fishes in less time. Mixt of sizes is dramatically reduced. Watch skipper’s report: Interview_Howard_Malcom_IMG_8316_02.MOV

Acoustic selectivity

More than an innovative biomass assessment /classification tool, SeapiX is the heart of a genuine fishing strategy for fishermen. From now, vessel with its gear become a “selective machine”. Results are presented at the “OCEAN17 MTS conference”, 18-21 of Sept,

“Target More, Profit More”

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