• SeapiX enhances your profitability

    SeapiX can meet skippers’ toughest requirements, providing total control over the underwater environment. SeapiX revolutionizes fishing techniques by providing optimally accurate information and unparalleled surveillance of a designated underwater spatial volume. It allows skipper to correlate biomass abundance and seafloor characteristics.

    SeapiX can be mounted as “Downward Looking”, as “Side Looking” or as “Forward Looking” 3D sonar, offering always suitable and flexible solution according to fishing technic requirements.
    SeapiX stands apart from the products used until now on the bridges of fishing vessels (omnidirectional sonars and sounders) whose discriminatory powers have often been limited, like their coverage angle.

    SeapiX seeks an unparalleled water volume with a unique accuracy, providing reliable decision key information.
    Capability to analyze and to compare fish shoal is unique, and skipper can apply genuine “Fishing strategy”, to target more and to reduce time at sea.

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