• The first compact civilian system comprising a dual Mills Cross multi-beam sonar transducer.

    To overcome the challenges involved in delivering such a carefully targeted product for the fishing industry, iXBlue’s engineering teams homed in on innovative technological solutions. With advanced technology covered by a number of patents, SeapiX is the first compact civilian system comprising a dual Mills Cross multibeam sonar transducer offering total liberty of control.

    SeapiX generates one or more scan swaths along or across the vessel axis, thus providing total three-dimensional coverage of the water column, a bathymetric profile of the seabed and identification of sediment type.


    Its transducer generates several simultaneous multibeam transmissions and acoustic processes to yield quantitatively and qualitatively impressive measurements of the marine environment.


    Its multiple advanced modulation modes, including CHIRP, combined with Doppler processing, are guarantees of the highest possible detection performance, even in difficult conditions. The skipper can choose the best modulation according to his requirement: extremely high resolution on fish with FMH, CW, etc.


    Thanks to its steerable swaths providing unparalleled coverage and accuracy on both fish and seabed analysis, SeapiX sees all and finally makes it possible to balance productivity and selectivity. 3D sonar technology revolutionizes the fishing industry. Its technology provides the skipper with the most realistic biomass assessment.



    200 times more coverage
    SeapiX runs 4 multibeam swaths in real time, for a total of
    4x64 sounder elements.


    It covers an unparalleled water
    volume within the ecosystem, as a 120° x 120° pyramidal
    volume. Built in 3D motion sensing ensures perfect
    stabilization of all beams.

    50 times more resolution
    Thanks to its individual 1.6° beam resolution and
    Chirp processing, SeapiX provides unique 7 cm radial
    resolution. Single fish become visible, providing
    realistic assessment capability.



    Merge of fish measurement and navigation
    SeapiX processing includes fish measurements in its navigation charting system. It provides urget morenique understanding of whole Ecosystem related to biomass dynamics.
    The skipper can observe fish abundance and mapping and analyze it with GBA to target his catches.

  • Easy to install, from 5m to 150m vessels !

    iXblue’s technology choices make SeapiX one of the easiest professional high end Sonars to install on the market. The “all in one” Sonar housing concept dramatically eases vessel arrangement and cabling constraints.

    The Sonar Antenna Unit (SAU) includes both acoustic arrays, electronic boards and processing unit, and a 3D motion sensor for stabilization.

    SAU can be installed in conventional “Downward Looking” configurations, or in “Forward Looking” or “Side Looking” configurations, depending on the fishing applications.

    The SeapiX SAU antenna unit is very compact and can be installed in the same way as a conventional sounder (no moving parts).

    Fitted with a watertight Seacon terminal and a 20m cable, SAU can be wired with a standard length cable (20m, 10mm small diameter)


    . At the bridge, Beam Former Unit BFU and Viewer Processor Unit VPU are connected to displays (two or more displays and are recommended).

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