SeapiX on show at SKIPPER EXPO, 27-28 May

Meet us at SKIPPER EXPO international Fishing Expo, Aberdeen, on 27-28 of May 2016, WOODSON stand.

Whatever fishery practices, near bottom or pelagic fisheries, SeapiX is a big hit with more than 50 units delivered worldwide, supporting skippers for more selective methods while improving catch efficiency.

Meet us and discover its unique GBA Geographical Biomass Analyzer, SeapiX assisting skipper to distinguish species with real-time ratio calculation.

Key Benefits:

  •  200 times more coverage on whole ecosystem,
  •  50 times more resolution for realistic assessment,
  •  GBA Geographical Biomass Analyzer, to target fish,
SeapiX is the most advanced selectivity tool available for fishery.
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