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SeapiX Looking Forward near surface fish analysis

SeapiX provides exceptional control of fish near surface, as report many pelagic vessels skippers since introduction of SeapiX on the market by 2013.

Thanks to latest "Basil" release, IXBlue brings very new tool to evaluate fish abundance and distribution in near surface layer. This information is really crucial, very often pelagic spsecies are close to surface and become difficult to catch.

Due to vessel noise, fish avoidance makes quite impossible to evaluate biomass in uppest layer.

SeapiX, mounted as Forward Looking (30° tilt mounted), seeks a huge 120° x 120° water volume from surface. Thanks to its full stabilization and extremly narrow beams, it can detect weak fish echoes as scattered Mackerel located bellow surface in front of the bow, before any spreading effect of the vessel noise.

Then skipper can really evaluate in realistic maner species thanks to GBA biomass Analyzer, and can take decision to tow.

You can see here an example of forward Looking Mackrel detection and analyze:

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