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New Release available for SeapiX

Named "Basil", this new release brings several exclusive feature for fishing. Main benefits are:

  • =>SeapiX can be mounted as Vertical Looking (classic), Side Looking, Forward Looking solution, providing exceptional solution for such fisheries as pelagics and purse Seiners and Tuna seiners.
  • =>Forming of 3 Echograms in all direction and Tilt angles, from all available swath of SeapiX.
  • =>Forward Looking Echograms can be setup, providing clear understanding of fish avoidance aproaching vessel.
  • =>New calibrated Fish Gain and Shoal gain echogram processing, providing very clear detection,
  • =>New "Geographical Biomass Analyzer" GBA, allowing shoal and fish comparison with Class of fish utility. Skipper can store species features and observe realtime processing of Class ratio %.

=>Bathymetry can be built from all swath, including from Forward Looking swaths, and from Scanning Swath to make batyhymetry all around when the vessel is static.

=> New Olex bathymetry output is nos available. Olex proposes an optional module for SeapiX.

For more information about detailled features and installation about Basil release, pleas contact us at:

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